Small Goals Are Better Than Big Purposes

We set standards for ourselves, for those around us, for what will happen, somehow experiencing the illusion of control and then the disappointment of reality that does not correspond to what we often imagine and impose.

Although we do not realize, wanting to achieve great things, to a very high level, we only make it impossible for us to achieve these goals. I often hear people who want to do a lot, write books, do seven projects at the same time, learn three foreign languages ​​or desperately look for a job that is far from their skills. All they do is deny themselves the chance to progress and their personal development.

I really admire them because they have high aspirations, because apparently they are not satisfied with little! It’s really wonderful to believe in yourself and want so much from yourself and others. Until you disperse in seven directions and until you don’t know what’s important or a priority. That’s why I thought it would be better to do little by little something important for us, without being discouraged from doing great things.

More important and more difficult is to have consistency – which means to do a little bit every day, with regularity, discipline, loyalty and passion. That seems harder to do. How many times have you thought that you would do some things on a daily basis, but most of the time you were busy with other daily chores?

How many times have we deviated from what is essential to our grand plan, from seemingly urgent, inherent events! We often put a thousand plans on our mental list and start working on them, but we don’t even get a little progress, because we already wake up without energy, without desire… we demobilize. We do not see the importance of splitting the main goal into pieces and the necessity to reach consistency in our actions. 

Whenever I consistently pursued my goal and had the perseverance to take small steps, but with constant regularity, each time my plans were almost as I had mentally conceived them. What we often lack is the big plan transformed into much smaller, more specific and concrete plans. It is so difficult to bring in the concrete in real life and see how that “how to” materializes. So, before you start setting huge goals, start seeing what will get you there, dissect the goal into actions and mini-goals, and start with small actions.


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