Have Patience to Choose what’s Best for You

Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be well, to reach balance? Then, are you ready to face some battles with the inner demons that sabotage you? You often think that your happiness is hindered by others, but for the most times we are the ones who sabotage ourselves. This is how we convince ourselves that we do not deserve what we need, that we are not good enough. All these inner battles are primarily with ourselves and this intrigues us quite a bit when we come to recognize this. Most of the time we don’t allow ourselves to reach the much desired success, or to be really happy. It’s like there’s something beyond us that blocks us in totally bad and destructive situations, in patterns that seem automatic and defined forever.

In this article I will only talk about a pattern that I often see in the case of some people: apparently they know what they want, they try to choose what is good for them. However, life is very diverse and often leads them in contexts and situations that are unfavorable to them. And although they realize that they have the power to say “No”, to get out of these situations, they often prefer to remain on the second place, to sit there and adopt the idea “I have no choice”. This “I have no choice” that we often hear often assumes a lack of responsibility. Having a choice means assuming a discomfort that can last more or less, an effort that you will have to make and a waiver of secondary benefits.

Life gives you what you want, only if you know what you want and what you do not want. But especially when you meet what you don’t want, you need to have the strength to leave it behind, to say bluntly that it’s not what you want and you can temporarily accept that you won’t have anything. But what scares us is that maybe we won’t have anything we ever want. Then we are willing to accept half measures, to make compromises and we stop fighting for our best. We stop believing in our desires and dreams and we are content with a little.

Are we willing to accept less or to face the risk of having nothing in the end, but of trying the chance to get what we really want in life? In the end, this is the only life we ​​have: then what good is it to live a compromise and not try to capitalize on the potential we have. Are those who have reached what they want – professionally, financially or in terms of relationships, the ones who were satisfied with what came their way, with what life accidentally brought to them? Or rather, are they the ones who worked consciously and perseveringly for their dream, took on temporary resignations and believed in something beyond immediate satisfaction?

It is so difficult to cultivate our patience and so easy to seek momentary satisfactions. We often forget that the road and the journey to what we want are more important because they are the ones that build us and help us become better, update ourselves and bring our potential to the surface. The goal itself is just a motivator and when it is fulfilled it is like the culmination of the journey. The fact that, for example, we decide not to remain in relationships that do not satisfy us or satisfy us half, that are not in accordance with our values, that we may even assume the risk of being alone for an indefinite period, is often sustained by patience. We need to be patient and believe that something good will come into our lives and until then we can freely enjoy this journey called “life”.

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