Do You Credit Yourself for Your Future Better Version?

Very rarely do we recognize our merit and our abilities to overcome difficult situations, to go through painful experiences and to show ourselves resilient. But is it the most difficult to show this recognition after going through various experiences and having overcome them? I think that we rather have difficulties to offer ourselves credit in advance. We lack the confidence that we have the power to pass through crisis and difficulties. Sometimes this is the major blockage that keeps us in the most painful situations. Life puts us in front of changes that we cannot avoid, in situations that become imperative but that are scaring us so much that we remain stuck.  We lack the power but we mostly lack the confidence in our future Self. Put in front of the unknown, in the face of really difficult choices and decisions, there is no doubt that we have asked ourselves: “Do I have the strength to go through this?” “Will I cope with it?” ». The natural tendency is not to annihilate all our irrational fears and to give more credit to our inner strength. Most of the time, we let fear take the place of our inner strength. This keeps us away from making changes that are often inevitable.

Even though some situations are very difficult and very challenging, they have become familiar for us bringing some confort, no matter how paradoxical it might seem.  Quitting these situations would mean such a great change that we are experiencing a huge fear. We are fering that we cannot cope with the unfamiliar and unknown. We don’t have confidence in our strenghts and our future self and we cannot even imagine how good we’d be in a different context. Therefore, it would be very helpful to imagine that we are talking to our future self, which has already overcome these obstacles successfully. For sure our future Self would say to us that we have unimaginable strengths for overcoming many obstacles.

If you are looking back, you realize that over the years you have changed and evolved and maybe you would have never thought that you have the capability to be who you are. Very often, the limiting beliefs and the irrational fears are holding us to fulfill our potential and to grow. That’s why we are accepting less and prefer to stay in the familiar, even though it is a toxic one. We often end up in toxic or blocking relationships, in jobs that we don’t like and don’t fulfill, pretending to survive and that this familiar is normal. When we doubt ourselves, when we prefer to be in a blocking and painful context, but still comfortable, let us try to see this new person that not only managed to survive, but also generated a change and transformation. This person might exist in reality if you trust a little bit and gives a little credit, instead of directing your nergy towards the limiting beliefs.

Beyond the helplessness and the vulnerability there is a huge strength. So, if you are facing a difficult change now, think for a moment about how you’ll be going through it, how will you be like after having managed to overcome the moment. What will you learn about yourself and how will you feel after having succeeded? Try to change the perspective from which you are seeing the things and be confident in your inner wisdom and power!


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