Have Courage To Go Beyond the Familiar!  

You might have a feeling of helplessness if you are stuck in a situation that seems to have no solution, and as a result you might feel very frustrated. There seems to be no way for you to do anything, your eyes are only focused on what is wrong with the context that you are part of, and you can’t take any action or take any initiative to change it.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like there was no way out of this in your life? It would be useful if you recalled these moments and thought about what you have done in order to change the context in which they occurred. Maybe you haven’t done anything because you felt like you are stuck somewhere in that area and are unable to proceed. In order to analyze if it truly is a blocking situation, let’s first think about the associated benefits that you might not be aware of, which are keeping you reliant on it even though it is a blocking situation. It is sometimes not the financial or external benefits of a given situation that make it so attractive, but rather the emotional ones associated with it, such as the sense of comfort, security, predictability, and familiarity.

The familiar often keeps us in our comfort zone because it already has some predefined responses that we already know how to put in place. This saves us from having to think about building and rebuilding our reactions, as well as our ways of being. This kind of predictability in our lives is a much more comfortable way to live our lives, regardless of the fact that what we are facing is unsatisfactory at the moment. There might also be a need for us to discover new things and grow, but as long as these needs don’t outweigh our fears, we will prefer the comfort of the familiar. Unfortunately, we are denying ourselves the opportunity to grow, to be better, and to improve our lives as much as we can.

As far as the familiar is concerned, it certainly has its advantages: not requiring the effort to start something new, the feeling of being able to predict the future and being in control of what is going on. The simple fact that we are choosing this on a daily basis is such a nice illusion that we are losing sight of the fact that the world is constantly changing. We cannot predict exactly how tomorrow will turn out.

Can we make any decisions regarding our next step as long as we are in our comfort zone and are feeling that there is no place for development? Sometimes it is very hard to make a decision and to give up the familiar until we no longer feel the need and the urge to do something new and different. It will be impossible for people to change until the familiarity does not become unbearable from any point of view. There is something so terrifying about change, because it comes at a cost of effort and loss on our part. One the one hand, we would like to evolve, but on the other hand, we are not always willing to assume the associated struggle and effort that goes with the evolution process. 

There might be times when you need to recognize that letting go of a particular situation would involve a number of challenges, all of which are part of the process. Whenever you begin to see the many facets of life which can be experienced, you are getting more and more excited and your motivation begins to rise until you are able to decide for yourself which path to take, to assume even though you are venturing into unknown territory. 


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